• Repair Quality

Each and every repair is carried out to strict quality standards, and certified by a separate final quality check.

  • Time Compliance

Whenever we make a booking to repair or maintain your vehicle, we do so having made the necessary preparations to respect the quoted delivery deadline.

  • Vehicle Inspection

Your car will be checked in your presence to verify its overall status, and no scheduled repair or additional work will be commenced without prior explanation and consent.

  • Transparency Of Information

All work conducted will be fully explained to you to ensure your understanding and satisfaction.

  • Professionalism And Expertise

No one is better equipped to maintain your car than our experienced organisation. Our technicians are trained and certified, and backed up by the technical knowledge of the whole organization.

  • Client Service

Detailed information regarding our products and services, our service network and authorised service workshops can be accessed through our website, email and phone numbers.