Pandit Automotive pvt. Ltd.

  1. Pandit Automotive is the authorized dealer and channel partner for Tata Motors Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle Business Unit for Pune, Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur Districts in Western Maharashtra, India.
  2. Pandit Automotive is also the authorized dealer and channel partner for FIAT-CHRYSLER India for Pune, Satara, Sangli and Kolhapur Districts in Western Maharashtra, India.
  3. The dealership was first established in 1956 when our esteemed founder,Late Mr. R.H Pandit took the TATA MERCEDES sub-dealership for Pune region.
  4. Today Pandit Automotive is spread across 21 locations in 4 districts of Maharashtra.
  5. Staff Strength of 1200+ across functions
  6. Annual Sales volume of 20000+ vehicles
  7. Annual Service volume of 100,000+ vehicles
  8. Pandit Automotive enjoys a stupendous brand recall and goodwill in areas of operation.


  • Our Founder Late Mr. R.H Pandit first started a small car repairing garage in Malabar Hill in Mumbai under the name “Malabar Motors” in 1940.
  • Thereafter with newer opportunities beckoning in Pune,a Caterpillar/Larsen and Toubro tractor spares shop called Ram Agencies was established in Pune in 1952.
  • In 1956,our founder replied to an Ad in the newspaper which declared the requirement of a sub dealer for TATA MERCEDES trucks in Pune region.The successful application resulted in Pandit Automotive being named as the sub dealer for Bombay dealers DADAJI DHAKJEE and Co. for Pune region.
  • In 1961,we successfully graduated to being a full-fledged dealer for TELCO as it was then called, for Pune Region
  • Soon in late 60s and early 70s the dealership started expanding to Satara and Sangli regions of Maharashtra
  • The impeccable service levels given to truck owners in those days led to people from far flung places of Maharashtra coming to PANDIT AUTO to buy and service their TATA TRUCKS. Thus “Brand Pandit” started to symbolize trust, commitment to customers and highly efficient service levels.Even the great J.R.D TATA was wholesome in his praise of our commitment and social outlook.
  • The later part of the 20th century saw a general slowdown in the Indian economy due to the slowing of industrialization and license Raj.Even in these tough times, Pandit Automotive didn’t flinch when other competitors were shutting down their operations. We stuck with TATA Motors and our esteemed customers through the tough periods and thus came the new dawn of the post liberalization era.
  • In the 90s TATA MOTORS launched a slew of new products such as SUMO, SAFARI, and the legendary INDICA in the passenger car segment and PANDIT AUTOMOTIVE quickly adapted itself in this new line of business.

  • Born in the stately Pandit Wada in Kolhapur in 1913, he grew up in an environment of abundance. The family were well revered in Kolhapur and he was inculcated with discipline and worldly knowledge from a young age.
  • At the age of 17 he left for Mumbai, shunning all luxuries as he wanted to prove himself by doing something different.
  • At the time of the freedom struggle having been instilled a sense of patriotic fervor he readily threw himself into the hardships of the underground movement his driving skills, gentle manners and loyalty earned him an important task of ferrying the underground freedom fighters inside Mumbai.
  • He was trusted as a driver by none other than Achutyrao Patwardhan and Aruna Asaf Ali, two legends of the freedom struggle.
  • Thus after the freedom struggle ended began his entrepreneurial struggle as mentioned in our company history.
  • His vision, humility and discipline were the pillars of his success.He was the recipient of numerous awards, citations and titles, but he still retained his humility and humbleness which was evident as he regularly interacted with even the lowest rung employees.
  • A man of principles he always ensured that the business was conducted in the most ethical and moral way, which remains true even today.Possessing rare qualities of integrity and loyalty, he was never swayed by the countless efforts of other auto manufacturers to wean him towards taking dealerships of their automobiles Once with TATA, always with TATA he used to say.
  • He used to revere the doyens of Indian Industry, Sir J.R.D Tata and Sumant Moolgaonkar and enjoyed an excellent relations with them.
  • His main focus always was Customer Service and Satisfaction.The brand goodwill and trust people instill in us today is a testament to this focus.
  • People remembered him as a soft spoken, gentle person but at the same time tough and unyielding wherever needed.
  • Having retired from active management of the company in the late 90s he focused on charitable causes through the Vasundhara Pandit Trust, in memory of his wife, who was his pillar of support through trials and tribulations, until her untimely death in 1997.
  • Always a source of inspiration for his family and friends, he encouraged everyone to follow their dreams and not get bogged down by societal pressures. He left for his heavenly abode on the 15th of September 2007.
  • Not a single day goes by when we at Pandit Auto don’t remember his words and leadership. Our first reaction to any situation is-“How Panditsaheb would have handled this?” and the resultant answer is always effective enough to solve any problem.
  • From a table, chair and a small desk in 1956 selling 10 vehicles a year we have come a long way.We will always be indebted to MR. RAMMAHARAJ PANDIT and his teachings which guide us to date and will continue to inspire us in the decades to come.


Our board of directors having worked under the legendary tutelage of our founder MR R.H. PANDIT are some of the most experienced,visionary and dynamic personalities.

Their valuable leadership has seen the group scale new heights and will continue to do so!


Managing Director

Executive Director

Director Finance and Systems


Director, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit

VP Sales,Commercial Vehicles Business Unit

VP Finance & Accounts


PANDIT AUTOMOTIVE aims to provide a world class automobile buying and ownership experience to our customers and also to ensure a convivial and conducive workplace for our employees


PANDIT AUTOMOTIVE envisions to become a truly global automobile retail behemoth which will impact
all our stakeholders in a positive way and which will give us the resources to give back to the society